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Caricatures often exaggerate facial features to make a face more easily recognised in association with a pronounced portion of the face of the individual in question—for example, a caricature of Osama bin Laden might focus on his facial hair and nose; a caricature of George W. Bush might enlarge his ears to the size of an elephant's; a caricature of Jay Leno may pronounce his head and chin; and a caricature of Mick Jagger might enlarge his lips. Exaggeration of memorable features helps people to recognise others when presented in a caricature form.

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Cappiello - Caricatures
... His first album of caricatures, "Lanterna Magica," was made in 1896 ... In 1898, he moved to Paris, and his caricatures were published in Le Rire for the first time ... In 1902, a 24-page book of his caricatures was published entitled Gens du Monde ‘people of high society’ for the magazine L’Assiette au Beurre ...
Caricatura - Computerized Caricature
... There have been efforts to produce caricatures automatically or semi-automatically using computer graphics techniques ... designed toward rapidly producing caricatures ... specifically for automatically creating caricatures ...
Tony Rafty
... He specialises in drawing caricatures ... As a boy he first started drawing caricatures whilst caddying during the Depression ... His work has been exhibited worldwide and over 15,000 of his caricatures have been featured in newspapers and magazines ...
Piet De Jong (artist) - Life and Career - Caricatures
... Forty-four Piet de Jong caricatures, also in watercolor, have also been published ... Other caricatures feature students and other so-called “helenophiles” living in Athens, associated with either the American School of Classical Studies at Athens or the British School at Athens ... will, Piet de Jong bequeathed all of his personal caricatures and other watercolors to Minoan archaeologist Sinclair Hood ...
Sam Berman - Radio
... After WWII, he did art for advertising agencies and created caricatures of leading radio performers for NBC's promotion, The NBC Parade of Stars as Seen ... With a tight deadline, he created caricatures of NBC's most popular radio personalities and shows, each printed on a separate 6"x7" card, and inserted in a green vinyl slipcase ... The set of 56 caricatures included Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Milton Berle, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Judy Canova, Eddie Cantor, Jerry Colonna, Dennis Day ...

Famous quotes containing the word caricatures:

    Every man sees in his relatives, and especially in his cousins, a series of grotesque caricatures of himself.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)