F. Dick

F. Dick

Friedr. DICK is a German cutlery manufacturer founded 1778 in Esslingen, Germany. Known by their logo name of F.Dick, the company has three lines of business. F. Dick specializes primarily in butcher's knives and tools, where it is regarded as a market leader in both Europe and North America. F. Dick is known for its ultra-wide range of high quality sharpening steels and is also renowned for its chef's knives, where it is a respected manufacturer in the professional sector, but less established for the end user. Although F. Dick cutlery is available for purchase in the American market, the brand has not caught-on with mainstream American consumers. As a result, the brand is limited in its availability, and is generally only available at cutlery specialty-stores in the American market. Some speculate that the company name containing "dick", American slang-term for the male reproductive organ, has limited commercial-progress in the American consumer market.

F. Dick also manufactures industrial grade and kitchen grade sharpening solutions. These range from advanced semi-automated wet-grinding machines to honing-steels. Furthermore F. Dick is a known manufacturer of files and farrier's tools.

F. Dick is mentioned by name in Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential". Specifically, he notes the offset serrated knife that is manufactured by the company.

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