Extrajudicial Detention

Arbitrary or extrajudicial detention is the detention of individuals by a state, without ever laying formal charges against them.

Although it has a long history of legitimate use in wartime (see prisoner of war, Civilian Internee), detention without charge, sometimes in secret, has been one of the hallmarks of totalitarian states. Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that, "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile."

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Hafiz Abdul Basit
... believed to have been taken into covert extrajudicial detention in a secret Pakistani interrogation center for the next three and a half years ... Abdul Basit to be released from his extrajudicial detention—without success ... of the circumstances of Hafiz Abdul Basit's detention would trigger a wider inquiry into the practice of Pakistan's Intelligence and Justice organs holding captives in extrajudicial detention ...
Extrajudicial Detention - Detention Without Charge By Democratic Countries
... See, for example, the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and the Canadian Minister's Security Certificate ...

Famous quotes containing the word detention:

    I would like you to understand completely, also emotionally, that I’m a political detainee and will be a political prisoner, that I have nothing now or in the future to be ashamed of in this situation. That, at bottom, I myself have in a certain sense asked for this detention and this sentence, because I’ve always refused to change my opinion, for which I would be willing to give my life and not just remain in prison. That therefore I can only be tranquil and content with myself.
    Antonio Gramsci (1891–1937)