ExoMars - Mission Objectives

Mission Objectives

The scientific objectives, in order of priority, are:

  • to search for possible biosignatures of Martian life, past or present.
  • to characterise the water and geochemical distribution as a function of depth in the shallow subsurface.
  • to study the surface environment and identify hazards to future manned missions to Mars.
  • to investigate the planet's subsurface and deep interior to better understand the evolution and habitability of Mars.
  • achieve incremental steps ultimately culminating in a sample return flight.

The technological objectives to develop are:

  • landing of large payloads on Mars.
  • to exploit solar electric power on the surface of Mars.
  • to access the subsurface with a drill able to collect samples down to a depth of 2 metres (6.6 ft), just below the degradating reach of UV light, oxidants and ionizing radiation.
  • to develop surface exploration capability using a rover.

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