Exit Records - Catalogue


  • The 77s - Ping Pong Over the Abyss (1983, released with A&M Records)
  • Steve Scott - Love in the Western World (1983, released with A&M Records)
  • Vector - Mannequin Virtue (1983, released with A&M Records)
  • Thomas Goodlunas and Panacea - Take Me Away (1983, released with A&M Records)
  • The 77s - All Fall Down (1984, released with A&M Records)
  • Charlie Peacock - Lie Down In The Grass (1984, released with A&M Records)
  • First Strike - Rock of Offense (1984, released with A&M Records)
  • Vector - Please Stand By (1985, released with A&M Records)
  • Charlie Peacock - Charlie Peacock (1986, released with Island Records)
  • The 77s - The 77s (1987, released with Island Records)
  • Robert Vaughn and the Shadows - Love and War (1987, released with Island Records)

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