Exilarch - Holders of The Office - Karaite


Karaite princes beginning in the 8th century, after the time of David ben Judah:

  • Anan ben David, son of David ben Judah (ca 715 - ca 795 or 811?), considered to be a major founder of the Karaite movement
  • Saul ben Anan, son of Anan ben David, 8th century.
  • Josiah, son of Anan ben David
  • Jehoshaphat ben Saul, son of Saul ben Anan, early 9th century
  • Boaz ben Jehoshaphat, son of Jehoshaphat ben Saul, mid-9th century.
  • David ben Boaz, son of Boaz ben Jehoshaphat, 10th century.
  • Solomon ben David, son of David ben Boaz, late 10th and early 11th centuries.
  • Hezekiah ben Solomon, son of Solomon ben David, 11th century.
  • Hasdai ben Hezekiah, son of Hezekiah ben Solomon, 11th and 12th centuries.
  • Solomon ben Hasdai, son of Hasdai ben Hezekiah. During his reign many Karaite communities were destroyed by the Seljuks.

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