Evil Clown

Although clowns are originally comic performers and characterized to humor and entertain people, the image of the evil clown is a development in popular culture, in which the playful trope of the clown is rendered as disturbing through the use of horror elements and dark humor.

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Notable Evil Clowns
... the Batman franchise whose key features are a clown-like disguise, clown-like disfigured face, and permanent smile ... Pennywise the Dancing Clown, a common form taken by the mysterious monster in Stephen King's novel It and its film adaptation ... Shakes the Clown, a depressed, alcoholic clown framed for murder and coming into conflict with other clowns, in the eponymous film by Bobcat Goldthwait ...

Famous quotes containing the words clown and/or evil:

    For public opinion does not admit that lofty rapturous laughter is worthy to stand beside lofty lyrical emotion and that there is all the difference in the world between it and the antics of a clown at a fair.
    Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol (1809–1852)

    At first glance, everything looked the same. It wasn’t. Something evil had taken possession of the town.
    Daniel Mainwaring (1902–1977)