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Types of Priority Rights - Priority Rights Under Other Multilateral Arrangements - European Patent Convention
... Protection of Industrial Property or (b) any Member of the World Trade Organization, an application for a patent, a utility model or a utility certificate, or his successor in title, shall enjoy, for the purpose ... shall count as the date of filing of the European patent application for the purposes of Article 54, paragraphs 2 and 3, and Article 60, paragraph 2 ... by the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) in its decision G 3/93 of August 16, 1994 (Reasons 4) Articles 87 to 89 EPC provide a complete, self-contained ...
Government-granted Monopoly - Patent
... A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a state or national government to an inventor or his/her assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for a public disclosure of an invention ... The procedure for granting patents, the requirements placed on the patentee, and the extent of the exclusive rights vary widely between countries according to national laws ... Typically, however, a patent application must include one or more claims defining the invention which must be new, inventive, and useful or industrially applicable ...
Patent Drawing - Jurisdictions - Europe
... Under the European Patent Convention, Article 78(1) EPC provides that a European patent application shall contain any drawings referred to in the description or the claims ... The European search report is drawn up in respect of a European patent application on the basis of the claims, with due regard to the description and any drawings ... the extent of the protection conferred by a European patent or a European patent application is determined by the claims, with the description and drawings being used to interpret the claims ...
Economics - Criticism - Proposed Alternatives To The Patent System
... According to James Bessen, elimination of the patent system would increase the incentives for innovation in all industries except chemistry and pharmaceuticals by ... to address the issue of financial incentivization to replace patents ... with abstaining from the monopoly given by a patent ...
Disclosure Of The Invention Under The European Patent Convention
... Article 83 of the European Patent Convention (EPC) relates to the disclosure of the invention under the European Patent Convention ... It prescribes that a European patent application must disclose the invention (which is the subject of the European patent application) in a manner sufficiently clear and complete for it to be ... the requirements of Article 83 EPC, a European patent application must therefore contain sufficient information to allow a person skilled in the art, using his common general knowledge, to ...

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