Eurasian Golden Oriole

The Eurasian Golden Oriole or simply Golden Oriole (Oriolus oriolus) is the only member of the oriole family of passerine birds breeding in northern hemisphere temperate regions. It is a summer migrant in Europe and western Asia and spends the winter season in the central and southern Africa.

Golden orioles have an extremely large range with large populations that are apparently stable. Therefore, they are evaluated as least concern by BirdLife International.

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Eurasian Golden Oriole - Etymolgy
... The name "oriole" was first used in the 18th century and is an adaptation of the scientific Latin genus name, which is derived from the Classical ... Various forms of "oriole" have existed in Roman languages since the 12th and 13th centuries ... stated that it was onomatopoeic because of the Golden Oriole's song ...

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    The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole lurking behind it.
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    In economics, we borrowed from the Bourbons; in foreign policy, we drew on themes fashioned by the nomad warriors of the Eurasian steppes. In spiritual matters, we emulated the braying intolerance of our archenemies, the Shi’ite fundamentalists.
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    Come live with me, and be my love,
    And we will some new pleasures prove
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    With silken lines, and silver hooks.
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