Ethernet Frame

A data packet on an Ethernet link is called an Ethernet frame. A frame begins with preamble and start frame delimiter. Following which, each Ethernet frame continues with an Ethernet header featuring destination and source MAC addresses. The middle section of the frame is payload data including any headers for other protocols (e.g. Internet Protocol) carried in the frame. The frame ends with a 32-bit cyclic redundancy check which is used to detect any corruption of data in transit.

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Virtual LAN - Protocols and Design
... VLANs over FDDI by carrying VLAN information in an IEEE 802.10 frame header, contrary to the purpose of the IEEE 802.10 standard ... Both ISL and IEEE 802.1Q tagging perform "explicit tagging" - the frame itself is tagged with VLAN information ... external tagging process that does not modify the existing Ethernet frame, while 802.1Q uses a frame-internal field for tagging, and so does modify the Ethernet frame ...
Point-to-point Protocol Over Ethernet - How PPPoE Fits in The DSL Internet Access Architecture - PPPoEoA
... scenarios involving the use of PPPoE to connect an Ethernet router to a DSL modem (both PPPoE-speaking) in order to connect a LAN to a PPPoE-speaking ISP ... Example The DSL modem receives an Internet-bound Ethernet frame from the router which contains a PPP frame inside a PPPoE packet ... DSL modem wraps the PPPoE packet within Ethernet frame-wrapping as described in RFC 2684, second part, ‘bridged protocols’, before sending it on to the DSLAM ...
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... from each of their interfaces at a fixed interval, in the form of an Ethernet frame ... Each frame contains one LLDP Data Unit (LLDPDU) ... The Ethernet frame used in LLDP has its destination MAC address typically set to a special multicast address that 802.1D-compliant bridges do not forward Other multicast and unicast destination addresses are permitted ...
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... A runt frame is an Ethernet frame that is less than the IEEE 802.3 minimum length of 64 octets ...

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