Establishment may refer to:

  • Establishment (Pakistan), Pakistan's military-civil oligarchy
  • The Establishment, the dominant group or elite holding effective power or authority in a society
  • The Establishment (club), an English satire club of the 1960s
  • The Establishment (comics), a comic book produced by Wildstorm
  • Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, forbidding Congress from establishing a religion
  • Establishment of a state religion ("established church"), the endorsement of a church by a nation's government
  • Freedom of establishment, the right of EU nationals to establish themselves economically in any member state of the Internal Market (European Union)

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House Of Representatives Of Thailand - History
1952- Establishment of the unicameral National Assembly with 123 members. 1974- Establishment of the House of Representatives. 1976- Establishment of a unicameral National Assembly with 360 royally-appointed members ...
Ernabella, South Australia - History
... The principles for the establishment of the mission at that time were Dr ... Charles Duguid, the advocate for the establishment of Ernabella laid down the following principles Anangu people started gradually to come in from ...
Marsh V. Chambers
... Three days before the ratification of the 1st Amendment, containing the Establishment clause, the federal legislature authorized hiring a chaplain for opening sessions with prayer ... offered by a state-supported chaplain was in violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment ... to any of the formal "tests" that have traditionally structured our inquiry under the Establishment Clause ...
Central Council Of Ukraine - Establishment
... M ... Hrushevsky was elected as the Head of the Rada while V.Naumenko, Dmytro Doroshenko, and Dmytro Antonovych were appointed as his deputies ...
Bagamanoc, Catanduanes - Economy - Commerce and Trade Sector
... The municipality does not have any big commercial establishment nor have much trade and commercial activities to speak of ... registered and license commercial establishment throughout the municipality ranging from a small eatery to retail and wholesale stores ... the commercial consumers products are being bought at commercial establishments at Virac, which are brought home daily loaded on a passenger’s jeepney/bus or a cargo truck ...