Empress Dowager Lu

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Emperor Ming Of Liu Song - Early Reign: Victory Over Liu Zixun and Loss of Northern Provinces
... Emperor Ming posthumously honored his mother Consort Shen as Empress Dowager Xuan but, because he was raised by Emperor Xiaowu's mother Grand Empress Dowager Lu, he continued to ... and his sister Liu Chuyu the Princess Kuaiji, both born also of Empress Wang Xianyuan and both of whom participated in his ill-fated governance, to ... In spring 466, Deng Wan, claiming to have received a secret edict from Liu Zixun's grandmother Empress Dowager Lu Huinan, declared Liu Zixun emperor ...
Emperor Taizong Of Song - Military Campaigns - Second Campaign Against Liao Dynasty
... As Emperor Shenzong was too young to rule the kingdom, Empress Dowager Xiao became the regent ... However, this time, Empress Dowager Xiao and Yel├╝ Xiuge each led an army to support Zhuo ... In 988, the Liao armies led by Empress Dowager Xiao attacked the Song border again ...
Empress Dowager Lu Huinan - As Grand Empress Dowager and Empress Dowager Chongxian
... He honored his grandmother as grand empress dowager ... The mutineers supported Emperor Xiaowu's younger brother Liu Yu, whom Empress Dowager Lu had raised, as Emperor Ming ... Initially, the imperial officials, who apparently viewed Empress Dowager Lu in low esteem, wanted to have her empress dowager title stripped, and for her to be moved out of the palace ...

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    We never really are the adults we pretend to be. We wear the mask and perhaps the clothes and posture of grown-ups, but inside our skin we are never as wise or as sure or as strong as we want to convince ourselves and others we are. We may fool all the rest of the people all of the time, but we never fool our parents. They can see behind the mask of adulthood. To her mommy and daddy, the empress never has on any clothes—and knows it.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)