Empress Dowager Deng

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Emperor Taizong Of Song - Military Campaigns - Second Campaign Against Liao Dynasty
... As Emperor Shenzong was too young to rule the kingdom, Empress Dowager Xiao became the regent ... However, this time, Empress Dowager Xiao and Yelü Xiuge each led an army to support Zhuo ... In 988, the Liao armies led by Empress Dowager Xiao attacked the Song border again ...
Emperor Shang Of Han
... The Empress Dowager Deng placed him on the throne when he was barely over 100 days old, despite his having an older brother, Liu Sheng (劉勝), whose age was unknown but was likely to be young as well ... Empress Dowager Deng also kept Liu Hu (劉祜), the twelve-year old cousin of Shangdi and future Emperor An of Han in the capital Luoyang as insurance against the baby ... Shang died in August or September 106 however, Dowager Deng still remained as the regent for the teenager Emperor An ...
Empress Deng Sui - As Regent For Emperor An
... Qing's concubine, had died sometime earlier.) However, Empress Dowager Deng was able to ensure exclusive control over the young emperor still, as ... Empress Dowager Deng showed herself to be an able regent who did not tolerate corruption, even by her own family members ... had been resisting Ban's successors for some time due to their harsh regulations, and in 107, Empress Dowager Deng finally decreed that Xiyu be abandoned ...

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