Empress Dowager Ci'an

Empress Dowager Ci'an (Wade-Giles: Empress Dowager Tzu-an; Chinese: 慈安皇太后, Manchu: Hiyoošungga Jekdun Iletu Hūwanghu; 20 August 1837 – 8 April 1881), popularly known in China as the East Empress Dowager (simplified Chinese: 东太后; traditional Chinese: 東太后), and officially known posthumously as Empress Xiao Zhen Xian (Wade-Giles: Empress Hsiao Chen Hsien; simplified Chinese: 孝贞显皇后; traditional Chinese: 孝貞顯皇后), was the second Empress Consort of the Xianfeng Emperor (b. 1831 – d.1861) of the Manchu Qing Dynasty in China, and then Empress Dowager after 1861. She is known for being co-de facto ruler of China with Empress Dowager Cixi for 20 years.

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Empress Dowager Ci'an - Ci'an As A Person
... A popular view of Empress Dowager Ci'an is that she was a highly respectable person, always quiet, never hot-tempered, and that she treated everybody very well and was highly ... Both Tongzhi and Guangxu preferred Ci'an above Cixi ... Her good-hearted personality was no match for Empress Dowager Cixi, who managed to sideline the naive and candid Empress Dowager Ci'an ...

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