Emperor Mommu

Emperor Mommu (文武天皇, Monmu-tennō?, 683–707) was the 42nd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

Mommu's reign spanned the years from 697 through 707.

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Emperor Mommu - Consorts and Children
... (?–754), daughter of Fujiwara no Fuhito Prince Obito (首皇子) (Emperor Shōmu) (701–756) Hin Ki no Kamado-no-iratsume (紀竃門娘) ...
Empress Gemmei - Traditional Narrative - Events of Gemmei's Life
... became the consort (nyōgo) of Crown Prince Kusakabe no Miko, who was the son of Emperor Temmu and Empress Jitō ... After the death of their son Emperor Mommu in 707, she acceded to the throne ... account suggests that she accepted the role of empress because Emperor Mommu felt his young son, her grandson, was still too young to withstand the pressures which attend ...
Interregnum - Japanese Era Names
... era name or nengō system which was introduced in reign of Emperor Kōtoku was abandoned at the end of his reign, thus resulting in sitting emperors without era names these era names were not updated for ... During the nearly half-century after Emperor Kōtoku, the reigning sovereigns were Saimei-tennō (斉明天皇) Tenji-tennō (天智天皇) Kōbun-tennō (弘文天皇) Temmu-t ... The first year of Emperor Mommu's rule (文武天皇元年 686) could be arguably abbreviated as "the first year of Mommu" (文武元年 686), but this is nowhere understood as a true era ...

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