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List Of Fullmetal Alchemist Chapters - Volume List
... Shaj┼Ź no Tatakai?) Two alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, are forced to deal with a corrupt religious leader from the city of Lior, who is using a mysterious red stone that imitates the power of the ... Using his status as State Alchemist, Edward goes to several towns with his brother to get closer to a real Philosopher's Stone, but they always end up becoming side-tracked with aiding ... no Michi?) Roy Mustang, a superior of Edward, directs the Elrics to meet with Shou Tucker, a State Alchemist who can teach them more about alchemy ...
List Of Fullmetal Alchemist Characters - Antagonists - Homunculi - Sloth
... Though he is briefly impeded in this job when he runs into the Elric brothers at Briggs' Fortress, he is allowed to continue his work ... Patrick Seitz in English.ep.34 In the first anime, Sloth is the product of the Elric brothers' attempt to revive their mother, Trisha Elric, found by Dante and fed ... by grabbing hold of them.ep.42 Sloth constantly suffers from memories of Trisha raising the Elric brothers and, determined to prove to herself that they are not ...

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