• (adj): Characterized by extreme economy of expression or omission of superfluous elements.
    Example: "The explanation was concise, even elliptical to the verge of obscurity"- H.O.Taylor
    Synonyms: elliptic
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Elliptical Poetry
... Elliptical Poetry or ellipticism is a literary-critical term introduced by critic Stephen Burt in a 1998 essay in Boston Review on Susan Wheeler, and expanded upon in an eponymous essay in American Letters ... essay, and a number of accompanying responses in the same journal, "Elliptical Poetry", "ellipticism" and "elliptical poets" have entered the critical discussion of contemporary ... Elliptical poems shift drastically between low (or slangy) and high (or naively 'poetic') diction ...
Elliptical Wing
... An elliptical wing is a wing planform shape that minimizes induced drag ... Elliptical taper shortens the chord near the wingtips in such a way that all parts of the wing experience equivalent downwash, and lift at the wing tips is essentially zero, improving ... The elliptical wing was first used on aircraft in the 1920s, but has only seen limited use, for a number of reasons the compound curves involved are difficult and costly to ...
Lenticular Galaxy
... a type of galaxy which is intermediate between an elliptical galaxy and a spiral galaxy in galaxy morphological classification schemes ... they consist mainly of aging stars (like elliptical galaxies) ... face-on it is often difficult to distinguish between them and elliptical galaxies ...
Mathieu Wavelet - Mathieu Differential Equations
... They have long been applied on a broad scope of wave-guide problems involving elliptical geometry, including analysis for weak guiding for step index elliptical core optical fibres power transport of elliptical ...
Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy
... Dwarf elliptical galaxies, or dEs, are elliptical galaxies that are much smaller than others ...

More definitions of "elliptical":

  • (adj): Containing or characterized by ellipsis.
    Example: "The clause of comparison is often elliptical"- G.O.Curme
    Synonyms: elliptic