Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Writings of Elizabeth Cady Stanton (author, Co-author) - Selected Papers, Essays, and Speeches

Selected Papers, Essays, and Speeches

  • Declaration of Sentiments And Resolutions (1848)
  • A Petition for Universal Suffrage (1866)
  • Self-government the Best Means of Self-development (1884)
  • Solitude of Self (1892)
  • The Degradation of Disenfranchisement (1892)
  • Lyceum speeches: "Our Girls," "Our Boys," "Co-education," "Marriage and Divorce," "Prison Life," and "The Bible and Woman's Rights," "Temperence and Women's Rights" and many others

Stanton's papers are archived at Rutgers University: The Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Papers Project, Rutgers University (See particularly entries for Ann D. Gordon, Editor, in the bibliography below.)

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