Elizabeth Buffum Chace

Elizabeth Buffum Chace (1806–1899) was an influential American activist in the Anti-Slavery, Women's Rights, and Prison Reform Movements of the mid-to-late 19th century.

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... The Buffum was an American automobile manufactured from 1901 until 1906 ... Herbert Buffum, founder of the company, also produced a lighting dynamo in 1905 he was a poor businessman, however, and the company folded the next year ...
Elizabeth Buffum Chace - Birth and Early Life
... Elizabeth Buffum Chace was born Elizabeth Buffum in Smithfield, Rhode Island on December 9, 1806, to Arnold Buffum and Rebecca Gould, the Buffum and Gould families were some of the oldest families in New ... A birthright Quaker, Elizabeth Buffum grew up in a household that was anti-slavery, her father Arnold holding strong beliefs in that regard ...
Elizabeth Buffum Chace - Legacy
... Inman III selected Elizabeth Buffum Chace out of a field of 36 nominees including Anne Hutchinson and Christiana Carteaux Bannister, to be singularly honored with a bronze ... Influence of the family Samuel's and Elizabeth's progeny played large roles in higher education in the 20th century ... Their son, Arnold Buffum Chace, became the Chancellor of Brown University and a renowned mathematician associated with the Rhind Papyrus ...
Arnold Buffum Chace
... Arnold Buffum Chace (November 10, 1845–February 28, 1932) was the eleventh chancellor of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island ... He was the son of Samuel Buffington Chace and Elizabeth Buffum Chace who were Quakers and prominent Anti-Slavery activists ... Arnold Buffum Chace studied at Brown, Harvard and at École de Médecine in Paris ...
Edward Gould Buffum
... Edward Gould Buffum (1820–1867) was born in Rhode Island to Arnold Buffum, a well known philanthropist in New England ... when the Mexican-American War began in 1846, Buffum was forced to leave his post and move to California with his regiment ...

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