Elevator Trim

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Colgan Air Flight 9446
... maintenance personnel replaced the forward elevator trim cable ... did not perform a first flight of the day checklist, which included an elevator trim check ... Shortly after takeoff, the flightcrew reported a runway (sic) trim, and manually selected nose-up trim ...
Trim Tabs - Uses in Aircraft
... Many airplanes (including gliders) have trim tabs on their elevators, as a simple method of providing trim in the pitch axis ... All aircraft must have a system for ensuring trim in the pitch axis, though methods other than trim tabs may be used ... in the control system that can be adjusted by the pilot in the case of the elevator, an all-moving horizontal stabilizer whose position can be adjusted in fligh by a servo tab or an anti-servo tab ...
Air Tahoma - Incidents and Accidents
... When the observer pilot asked, "Come back on the trim?" the captain responded, "There's nothing anymore on the trim." The inspection of the airplane revealed that the elevator trim cables were rigged ... As a result, when the pilot applied nose-up trim, the elevator trim system actually applied nose-down trim ... did not sign the item that stated "Connect elevator servo trim tab cables and rig in accordance with Allison Convair...” The item had been signed off by the mechanic, but not by the RII inspector ...

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