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Label (heraldry) - As A Mark of Difference
... In English heraldry, the label was used to mark the elder son, generally by the princes of the royal house ... The eldest son, during the lifetime of his father, bears the family arms with the addition of a label the second son a crescent, the third, a mullet, the fourth, a martlet, the fifth, an annulet the sixth, a fleur ... On the death of his father, the eldest son would remove the label from his coat of arms and assume the unmodified arms ...
Mary, Princess Royal And Countess Of Harewood - Princess Royal
... The couple's elder son assumed the courtesy title of Viscount Lascelles ... in 1947, the Princess Royal lived at Harewood House with her elder son and his family ... a fatal heart attack during a walk with her elder son, Lord Harewood, and his children on the grounds of the Harewood House estate ...
The Prodigal Son (Britten) - Synopsis
... which consists of a father and his two sons ... The elder son and the servants leave to work the fields for the day ... The younger son hears a voice that tempts him to indulge his "most secret longings" ...
Naushera - History - Mughal Period
... His elder son Muhammad Sarwar had two sons, Muhammad Bilal Ali Khan (in some record Bilawal Khan) the fore father of Awan of Naushera, and Muhammad Media Khan ... Muhammad Sarwar’s younger son Muhammad Media Khan descendants permanently settled at this more prosperous plain and open plateau south of the Soon Valley and during the period of ... appears Muhammad Himayat Ali, the elder son of Muhammad Bilal Ali, the head of the tribe of the Salt Range and a descendant of Ali ibn Talib, through the line of Al-Abbas ibn Ali in 29 number of the ...

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    I think it is better to show love by meeting needs than to keep telling my son that I love him. Right now he is learning to tie his shoes. He is old enough, so even though it’s hard for him, sometimes I insist. But once in a while when I see he’s tired I still do it for him, and I have noticed that while I am tying his shoe, he says, “I love you, Mommy.” When he says, “I love you,” I know that he knows that he is loved.
    Anonymous Parent (20th century)

    Carthage must be destroyed.
    [Delenda est Carthago.]
    —Marcus Porcius Cato The Elder (234–149 B.C.)