Edward R. Dewey - The Foundation For The Study of Cycles

The Foundation For The Study of Cycles

The Foundation for the Study of Cycles (FSC) is an international non-profit research organization for the study of cycles of events. It was incorporated in the state of Connecticut by Edward R Dewey in 1941. It has published "Cycles" magazine and recorded the work of Dewey and many other cycles researchers through the years. The FSC also holds conferences and publishes its proceedings. It publishes two journals aimed at investors, Business and Investment Cycles and Cycles Projections.

The Foundation consists of four interrelated groups:

  • Interdisciplinary Cycles Research Institute (CRI)
  • Market Research Institute (MRI)
  • Institute for the Study of the Business Cycle (ISBC)
  • Edward R. Dewey Institute for Cycle Research (ERDI)

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