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In Other Languages

  • Afrikaans: Eduard
  • Arabic: إدوارد (Idwārd)
  • Armenian: Էդվարդ (Eduard)
  • Bosnian: Eduard
  • Belarussian: Эдвард (Edvard), Эдуард (Eduard)
  • Catalan: Eduard
  • Chinese: 愛德華 (Àidéhuá)
  • Croatian: Eduard
  • Czech: Eduard, Edvard
  • Danish: Edvard
  • Dutch: Eduard
  • Finnish: Eetu
  • Fijian: Etuate
  • French: Édouard
  • Frisian: Edzard
  • Georgian: ედუარდ (Eduard)
  • German: Eduard
  • Greek: Εδουάρδος (Edouárdos)
  • Hebrew: אדוארד (Edward)
  • Hungarian: Eduárd
  • Icelandic: Eðvarð, Eðvarður, Játvarður
  • Irish Gaelic: Éadbhard, Éamonn
  • Italian: Edoardo or Eduardo
  • Japanese: エドワード (Edowādo)
  • Korean: 에드워드 (Edeuwodeu)
  • Latin: Eduardus
  • Latvian: Eduards, Edvards
  • Lithuanian: Eduardas, Edvardas
  • Low German: Eide, Eido
  • Maori: Eruera
  • Maltese: Dwardu
  • Norwegian: Edvard
  • Old English: Ēadƿeard
  • Persian: إدوارد (Edwārd or Edvārd)
  • Polish: Edward
  • Portuguese: Duarte, Eduardo
  • Romanian: Eduard
  • Russian: Эдуард (Eduard), Эдвард (Edvard)
  • Scottish Gaelic: Eideard, Eudard
  • Serbian: Едвард (Edvard)
  • Slovak: Eduard
  • Slovene: Edvard
  • Spanish: Eduardo
  • Swedish: Edvard
  • Ukrainian: Едуард (Eduard)

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    I am always sorry when any language is lost, because languages are the pedigree of nations.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)