Education in Coimbra

Education In Coimbra

Since early ages, Coimbra developed into an important cultural centre, firstly due to the school founded in 1131 in the Santa Cruz Monastery, essential on medieval times and a meeting point for the intellectual and power elites, where famous medieval figures studied, like Saint Anthony of Lisbon. Later the city saw its educational and cultural importance greatly improved because of the establishment of the University of Coimbra which was founded in the 13th century in Lisbon, was moved in 1308 for the first time to Coimbra and was settled definitely in the city in 1537. For this old tradition in education, Coimbra is called A cidade dos estudantes (The city of the students) and Lusa-Atenas (Lusitanic-Athens, after Athens in Greece), because it is a center of culture and erudition, as well as the site of the oldest university which turned Coimbra into a noted university town.

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Education In Coimbra - Student Traditions
... Born in the old University of Coimbra, the Festa das Latas and the Queima das Fitas are two important student festivities in the city, and are part of the ... celebrate the festivities born in the ancient University of Coimbra (UC) like the praxe académica and the Queima das Fitas which are yearly organized by UC's students ...

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