Edouard Saouma - Major Achievements

Major Achievements

1976: Establishment of FAO Technical Cooperation Program.

1977: Creation by the FAO Conference of a new Program called Prevention of post harvest food losses with an initial capital of US $ 20 million.

1978: Completion of the FAO Fourth World Food Survey which estimated about 455 million people undernourished in developing countries.

1979: The first World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development was organized by FAO and held at its H.Q. in Rome. The Conference agreed upon a Declaration of Principles and a Program of Action to conquer Rural Poverty. Establishment of the World Food Day. It will be observed by all member countries on 16 October, to coincide with the anniversary of FAO's foundation on 16 October 1945

1981: First World Food Day observed by 50 member countries. Adoption of the FAO World Soil Charter which indicates the necessary action to protect, restore soil and prevent desertification.

1982: Completion of the World Study on The Potential Capacity of Demographic Charge on the soils of the Developing countries.

1983: Adoption by the Conference of the International Undertaking on the Plant Genetic Resources, for the prospecting, conservation documentation, access and integrated use of the genetic resources. Creation of the International Commission on the Plant Genetic Resources.

1984: First held at FAO H.Q.

1985: The FAO General Conference adopted the strategy for the development and management of fisheries and the five Action Programs as proposed by the Fisheries Conference. Adoption by the FAO Conference of an International Code of Conduct for the distribution and use of the pesticides which stressed the responsibilities and obligations of citizen, developed, developing countries, governments and others vis a vis the problem of food security. It also gave a new meaning for food security. Adoption by the FAO Conference of the World Compact on Food Security which gave a new definition of world food security and stated the responsibilities and obligations of Governments, Organizations and Individuals in resolving this acute problem Launching by the Conference of the Tropical Forestry Plan, with the cooperation of IBRD, UNDP, and the World Resources Institute and the participation of 90 countries. Adoption by the Conference of the Program for the World Census of Agriculture to take place in 1990. Celebration of the first International Year on Forestry adopted by the Conference.

1987:24 session of the General conference was re-elected as Director-General of FAO, met with the Minister of agriculture and forestry of Bulgaria Alexi Ivanov who Edouard Saouma thanked for the provided the crucial support of the Bulgarian government and personally by the Minister Alexi Ivanov and marcet 20 years of Bulgaria's membership in FAO discussed and forthcoming project in Bulgaria.

1992: First World Nutrition Conference held at FAO HQ and organized jointly with World Health Organization. Full implementation of (FAO's World Agriculture Information Center) conceived and developed by Dr. Milan Trukulja former Director of FAO Statistic Division. Waicent contains the World's most comprehensive data on agriculture, fisheries, forestry, nutrition and rural development. Adoption of the FAO International Declaration on Responsible Fishing which lay down the basis of the first international code of conduct in the field of fisheries.

1993: Adoption by the Conference of the FAO International Code of conduct for Plant germoplasm collecting and transfer. Agreement by the Conference for the Establishment of the , for the management of stocks of tuna and tuna like species in the Indian Ocean. Completion of a new building of 6,000 sqm of office space financed and built by the Italian Government. It allows for the first time in 32 years the grouping together of all headquarters staff.

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