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Political Career

Edmond J. Muniz is serving his first term as mayor of the City of Kenner, La. - a municipality of 75,000 in the northwest corner of Jefferson Parish. Having served on the Jefferson Parish Council from 1987 through 2003, he came out of political retirement to run for mayor and posted a decisive win in the April 29, 2006, runoff election. While a parish councilman, he was re-elected twice without opposition and two other times with large vote margins.

Mr. Muniz actively supports open government and conducting the public's business in public. Muniz is a fiscal conservative who supports privatization of government services where quality service can be maintained at a cost savings. He supports strict adherence to zoning laws, the preservation of residential neighborhoods, a cleaner environment and protection of Lake Pontchartrain, the economic well being of local businesses.

Prior to joining the Jefferson Parish Council, Mr. Muniz served with distinction as an at-large councilman on the Kenner City Council.

Mr. Muniz joined the Kenner Council in 1980, when he was elected to fill an unexpired term created when his predecessor vacated the post to become Mayor of Kenner. In 1982 Mr. Muniz was reelected unopposed to a full four year term as councilman at-large and was reelected by a landslide to the post in 1986. During his tenure on the Kenner Council, Mr. Muniz served as its president, having been elected to that post by his colleagues. He also served on the council's budget and traffic committees.

Although Ed Muniz began his political career as a Democrat, he became a Republican in October 1984, because he felt the national party more closely represented his political ideals and better addressed the needs of the nation. Shortly after changing parties, Mr. Muniz was among a group of local officials invited to the White House to be personally congratulated by President Ronald Reagan.

Since becoming a Republican, Mr. Muniz five times has received the "Outstanding Service" award from the True Democratic Organization of Jefferson Parish. In 1988 Mr. Muniz received the Past President's Award from the Alliance for Good Government, and organization of citizens from throughout Metropolitan New Orleans which monitors the activities of local and state governments. In September 1991, the Alliance gave its prestigious award for "Good Government" to Mr. Muniz for successfully sponsoring laws making parish government more open and requiring public disclosure of campaign contributions. In 1999, 2001 and 2003, Muniz was named "Best Jefferson Councilman" by Gambit Weekly newspaper.

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