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Sierra Pictures - Versions - Differences Between Complete and Edited Versions
... differences between the full-length roadshow version of the film and the edited general release version ... is actually a snippet from Joan's trial during the opening narration in the edited version, whereas in the full-length version, the events of Joan's life are shown in chronological ... The narration is more detailed in the edited version than in the complete version, with much of it used to cover the breaks in continuity caused by the severe editing ...
Hit Collection (Boney M. 1996) - Track Listing - Disc Three - Painter Man
... Painter Man" (Phillips, Pickett) - 310 Original album version "Belfast" (Hillsbury, Deutscher, Menke) - 331 Original album version "Living Like a Moviestar" (Bischof, Farian, Kawohl ... "Bahama Mama" (Farian, Jay) - 1993 ... overdub version from More Gold - 20 Super Hits Vol ... On My Mind" (Farian, Jay) - 325 Original album version "The Alibama" (Davis, Farian, Reyam) - 311 Original album version "I See a Boat on the River" (Farian, Jay, Rulofs ...
Bleed It Out - Edited Version
... On the edited version less profanity is used, however two words were censored on MTV and VH1, "fucking" and "noose", "fucking" is censored more strictly and the word "noose" is ...
Maximum XS: The Essential Nazareth - Track Listing - Disc 2
... Morning Dew" (alternate edited version) "This Flight Tonight" (US version) "Shanghai'd in Shanghai" (US single edit) "Holy Roller" (alternate mix) "My White Bicycle" (original single version) "Carry Out ...
Sierra Pictures - Versions
... The complete 145 minute version of Joan of Arc remained unseen in the U.S ... When it finally appeared on DVD, the restored complete version was hailed by online movie critics as being much superior to the edited version ... The edited version received its first television showing on CBS on the evening of April 12, 1968 (an Easter weekend), and has been shown on Ted Turner's WTCG and on ...

Famous quotes containing the words version and/or edited:

    It is never the thing but the version of the thing:
    The fragrance of the woman not her self,
    Her self in her manner not the solid block,
    The day in its color not perpending time,
    Time in its weather, our most sovereign lord,
    The weather in words and words in sounds of sound.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    He was high and mighty. But the kindest creature to his slaves—and the unfortunate results of his bad ways were not sold, had not to jump over ice blocks. They were kept in full view and provided for handsomely in his will. His wife and daughters in the might of their purity and innocence are supposed never to dream of what is as plain before their eyes as the sunlight, and they play their parts of unsuspecting angels to the letter.
    —Anonymous Antebellum Confederate Women. Previously quoted by Mary Boykin Chesnut in Mary Chesnut’s Civil War, edited by C. Vann Woodward (1981)