Edging may refer to:

  • Using an edger gardening tool
  • Edging (climbing), a climbing technique
  • Edging, a form of orgasm control
  • Edging (landscaping), in landscape and garden design, a material to divide different surfaces
  • Edging (forging), a open-die forging process that concentrates material for further processing

Other articles related to "edging":

Academic Dress Of The University Of Exeter - Official Dress
... cap adorned with a gold tassel and gold edging ... worn with a cap adorned with a gold tassel and gold edging ... and embroidery of gold lace, worn with a cap adorned with a gold tassel and gold edging ...
Black Phoebe - Systematics
... Most white on belly of all subspecies pale edging on wings and tail ... Extensive white edging on primary and tertial retrices ... Extensive white edging on retrices and underwing lining ...
Curtain Coating - Edging
... To be certain the flow of the liquid is disrupted, an edging along both sides of the slit is required ... tension from causing the coating to taper in sometimes edging alone is not enough and a surfactant must be added to lower the surface tension ...
Concrete Landscape Curbing
... is an alternative to plastic or metal landscape edging made with concrete ... A lawn mower wheel can be run on the curbing, eliminating edging where a curb is installed ... concrete landscape curbing, unlike plastic landscape edging, does not rise due to frost ...
Short-tailed Blue - Description
... The male has a violet upperside, a violet forewing with brown edging, and a violet hindwing with a brown edging of varying length ... The wings have black spots, some of which have slight white edging ... upperside, with black parts and broader edging ...