• (adj): Having a specified kind of border or edge.
    Example: "A black-edged card"; "dried sweat left salt-edged patches"
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Some articles on edged:

Thymus Citriodorus - Cultivars
... ‘Silver-Edged’ (Silver-Edged Lemon Thyme) — Silver-edged green leaves pink flowers ...
Serrated or "toothed" Sickles
... among the well-documented specimens made later of bronze are smooth-edged.) Nevertheless, teeth have been cut with hand-held chisels into iron, and later steel-bladed sickles for a long time ... There were other enterprises in Austria, of course, who produced the smoothed-edged sickles for centuries ... While in Central Europe the smooth-edged sickle—either forged or machined (alternately referred to as "stamped") - has been the only one used (and in many ...
Alice In Wonderland Dress - The Victorian Alice
... Peter Pan collar, puffed sleeves, perhaps edged with lace or broderie anglaise and a number of horizontal parallel bands or a tier effect, usually of the same colour, round the circumference of her ... at the back with a bow, which is white and edged in a darker colour, usually pink in the coloured versions ... The front of the apron below the waist is all edged with a white ruffle of the same material as the apron itself and the border of the plain portion of the apron before the ruffle starts is edged with the same ...
Southeast Asian Swords - South and Southeast Asia
... Dahong Palay a Filipino machete-like sword with capability for thrusting Dha single-edged Burmese sword, perhaps influenced by the Chinese Dao (For Thai ...
Academic Dress Of The University Of London - Hoods - Bachelors
... The cowl shall be faced inside for three inches and edged outside with three-eighths of an inch of faculty silk ... The neckband shall be similarly edged ... silk hood faced inside for three inches and edged outside with three-eighths of an inch of white watered silk ...

More definitions of "edged":

  • (adj): Having a cutting edge or especially an edge or edges as specified; often used in combination.
    Example: "An edged knife"; "a two-edged sword"
  • (adj): (of speech) harsh or hurtful in tone or character.
    Example: "Edged satire"
    Synonyms: cutting, stinging

Famous quotes containing the word edged:

    A tart temper never mellows with age, and a sharp tongue is the only edged tool that grows keener with constant use.
    Washington Irving (1783–1859)