Ed - Ed


  • Ed (biblical reference), an altar or related place in some English translations of the Bible
  • ed (text editor), a UNIX text editor
  • Edition, a number of prints struck from one plate, usually at the same time
  • Editor
  • Education, as in "tech ed" (technical education) or "phys ed" (physical education)
  • EpicDuel, a computer game by Artix Entertainment; see Artix Entertainment: EpicDuel

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... Das Zen der Kreativitat (German ed.) – 2006 Theseus Verlag, Berlin 3-89620-287-1 Célébrer la Vie au Quotidien (French ed.) 2003 BDLYS Ed. 2-914395-20-5 La Recontre de la Réalité (French ed.) by BDLYS Ed. 2-914395-21-3 El Punto de Quietud (Spanish ed.) 2001 Mandala Ed ...
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... In addition to Honest Ed's, Mirvish was known in Toronto for his theatres and restaurants ... To cut costs, Ed's Warehouse at King Street West and Duncan Street, served a set meal prime rib, mashed potatoes and peas ... Along the same street, Mirvish later opened Ed's Seafood, Ed's Folly, Ed's Chinese, Ed's Italian Restaurant and Old Ed's, which attracted local ...
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... In 2003, Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman proclaimed Mirvish's birthday "Ed Mirvish Day" ... A sign in the store read "When Ed dies, he would like a catered funeral with accordion players and a buffet table, with a replica of Honest Ed on it made of ...
Ed Mirvish
... Edwin “Honest Ed” Mirvish, OC, CBE (24 July 1914 – 11 July 2007) was a Canadian businessman, philanthropist and theatrical impresario who lived in Toronto, Ontario ... He is known for his flagship business, Honest Ed's, a landmark discount store in downtown Toronto, and as a patron of the arts, instrumental in revitalizing the theatre ...
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... Theatre in the Entertainment District, is renamed Ed Mirvish Way 2008, The parkette at Bathurst Subway Station, near Honest Ed's, is renamed Ed Anne Mirvish Parkette 2011, The former Canon Theatre on Yonge Street in ...