Economy Class


Economy class, also called coach class (or just coach), steerage, or standard class, is the lowest travel class of seating in air travel, rail travel, and sometimes ferry or maritime travel. Historically, this travel class has been called tourist class on ocean liners and third class, or even fourth class, on railways.

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Country Link Xplorer - Carriages
... Coding for the carriages are as follows EA First Class Driving Power Car First Class seating, Buffet and Satellite Telephone ... EB Economy Class Intermediate Power Car Economy Class seating and Toilet ... EC Economy Class Driving Power Car Economy Class seating, Disabled toilet with baby change facilities, wheelchair space and booked Luggage space ...
Premium Economy Class
... See also Premium Economy Increasingly, airlines offer a Premium Economy class to passengers willing to pay more for slightly better seats and, in some cases, better service ... British Airways (World Traveller Plus), Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic (Premium Economy), EVA Air (Evergreen Deluxe Class), Qantas (Premium Economy), Delta Airlines (Economy ... and Virgin Atlantic offer service more akin to Business Class in their Premium Economy cabins ...
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... Electrically adjustable lumbar support is found on most long-haul first class and business class seats ... Rarely, economy class may also include a mechanically adjustable lumbar support on some long-haul aircraft, however, with the trend towards slimline ...
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... There were 8 Motor Cars - DCF 8001–8008 - Economy Class 4 Driving Trailer Cars - DDC 9001–9004 - 1st Class upper deck, Economy Class other seats 4 Trailer Cars - DTF 9011-9012 - Economy Class DTC 9021–9022 ... One class travel was introduced in September 1974, so the seating was all "economy class" ...
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... Carriage coding, features and numbers are as follows XFH- Economy Class, Booked Luggage Guard's Lookout XFH 2104 – XFH 2110, XFH 2112 and XFH 2113 XF- Economy ... XBR 2157 was rebuilt from economy class saloon XD 2225 and XBR 2158 from economy saloon/luggage car XDH 2111 both by United Goninan, Broadmeadow XL- First Class XL 2228 – XL 2236 ... XFH/XDH saloon/luggage cars XAM- First Class sleeping car, can also be used as a day sitting car XAM 2175 – XAM 2182 XL2228 - XL2232 and the XAMs ...

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    War. Fighting. Men ... every man in the whole realm is in the army.... Every man in uniform ... An economy entirely geared to war ... but there is not much war ... hardly any fighting ... yet every man a soldier from birth till death ... Men ... all men for fighting ... but no war, no wars to fight ... what is it, what does it mean?”
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