Echeverria Star Modelo

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Firearms Chambered For 9 Mm Largo
... Pieper (AEP) Bergmann Mars (1901) Pistola Bergmann-Bayard de 9mm modelo 1903 Pistola Bergmann-Bayard de 9mm modelo 1908 Bergmann-Bayard M1910 Bergmann-Bayard M1910/21 Astra-Unceta y ... Jose Luis Maquibar Onena Carbine Ignacio Zubillaga Fabrica de Armas, La Coruna Modelo 1941/44 submachine gun (copy of the Vollmer Erma in 9mm Largo) 1941–mid fifties Copy of ... Ascaso made Astra 400 (Modelo 1921), 1936–1939 Star Bonifacio Echeverria Bonifacio Echeverria Star Modelo Militar 1920, 1920–1921 Bonifacio Echeverria Star ...

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