Eastern Province

Eastern Province and East Province may refer to the following places:

  • Eastern Province, Cameroon
  • Eastern Province, Cundinamarca, Venezuela
  • Eastern Province, Rwanda
  • Eastern Province (Kenya)
  • Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (Al Sharqiyah)
  • Eastern Province, Sierra Leone
  • Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • Eastern Province, Sri Lanka
  • Eastern Province, Zambia
  • Eastern Province (Victoria)
  • Khorasan (Eastern Province of Iran)
  • Roman and Byzantine Greece Greece as an eastern province of Roman Empire
  • Purvanchal, India, meaning "Eastern Province"

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Eastern Province, Cundinamarca
... Eastern Province is one of the 15 provinces in the Cundinamarca Department, Colombia ... Provinces and Municipalities in Cundinamarca Department Almeidas Province Chocontá Machetá Manta Sesquilé Suesca Tibiritá Villapinzón Upper Magdalena Province Agua de Dios Girardot Guataqui Jerusalen Nari ...
List Of Sri Lankan Flags - Provincial Flags
... Flag Date Use Description November 14, 1987 - Flag of Central Province January 1, 2007 - Flag of Eastern Province November 14, 1987 - Flag of North Central Province November 14 ...
List Of Countries By Easternmost Point
... with their territory stretching as far to the west as beyond the 180th meridian into the Eastern Hemisphere ... Russia, New Zealand, and Fiji have most of their territory west of the 180th meridian, in the Eastern Hemisphere, so they are considered to belong to the easternmost countries with their ... Nukulaelae island 179°51'E 5 Marshall Islands Knox Atoll 172°09'E 6 Vanuatu Futuna Island, Tafea Province 170°13'E 7 Solomon Islands Fatutaka island ...
Liga Federal - History - Downfall
... See also Argentine Civil Wars and Cisplatina Province The constant growth of influence and prestige of the Federal League frightened Buenos Aires (due to its federalism) and Portugal (because of its ... to his numerical and material superiority, conquered the Eastern Province and took Montevideo on January 20, 1817, but the struggle continued for three long years in the countryside ... men for the struggle, Artigas finally retreated to Entre Ríos Province, across the Uruguay River ...
Shi'a–Sunni Relations - Modern Sunni–Shia Relations - Post-1980 - Saudi Arabia
... population, they form a large portion of the residents of the eastern province of Hasa—by some estimates a majority—where much of the petroleum industry is based ... In response, Abd al Aziz sent Wahhabi missionaries to the Eastern Province, but he did not carry through with attempts at forced conversion ... but no city had a Shia mayor or police chief, and none of the 300 girls schools for Shia in the Eastern Province had a Shia principal ...

Famous quotes containing the words province and/or eastern:

    It is the province of knowledge to speak, and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.
    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (1809–1894)

    The more important the title, the more self-important the person, the greater the amount of time spent on the Eastern shuttle, the more suspicious the man and the less vitality in the organization.
    Jane O’Reilly, U.S. feminist and humorist. The Girl I Left Behind, ch. 5 (1980)