Eastern Norway

Eastern Norway (Norwegian: Østlandet (Bokmål) or Austlandet (Nynorsk)) is the geographical region of the south-eastern part of Norway. It consists of the counties Telemark, Vestfold, Østfold, Akershus, Oslo (city), Buskerud, Oppland and Hedmark.

Eastern Norway is by far the most populous region of Norway. It also contains Oslo, which is both a county and a municipality as well as a city. Oslo is Norway's most populous city by far and is its capital, and also the financial centre of the country.

In Norwegian, the region is called Østlandet (lit. "east country") in contrast to Vestlandet ("west country"). It is translated into "Eastern Norway" in English, although technically "South-eastern Norway" would be more geographically (not linguistically) correct, since geographically Northern Norway is farther east.

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... On 8 October 1998, the main airport serving Oslo and Eastern Norway was moved from Oslo Airport, Fornebu to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen ... stating that it would allow more competition on international flights from Norway, and could make it easier to establish domestic competition in the lieu of ... a new airport, and stated that there were sufficient airports in Eastern Norway ...
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... Southern Norway Regional Health Authority (Norwegian Helse Sør RHF) is a defunct Regional Health Authority that covered the counties of Aust-Agder, Buskerud, Telemark, Vest-Agder and Vestfold ... authority was founded on January 1, 2002, but merged with Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority to form Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health ... It also owned by of Southern and Eastern Norway Pharmaceutical Trust ...
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... The eastern forests of Finnskogen were the home of an ethnic minority, immigrants from Finland that came in the 17th c ... The southernmost group of Norway's Sami population is to be found in the north-eastern corner, in Engerdal ... more quiet and idyllic old maritime city of Drøbak, and the oldest city in Norway, Tønsberg Oslo, the capital of Norway, has attracted people from all over Norway ...
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... The main aim of the Norwegian effort in Eastern Norway was to give the Allies enough time to recapture Trondheim, and start a counter-offensive against the German ... employing panzers for the first time in Norway ... Einar Liljedahl and tasked with defending Southern Norway, surrendered to the Germans in Setesdal on 15 April, having seen no action up to that point ...

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    Write about winter in the summer. Describe Norway as Ibsen did, from a desk in Italy; describe Dublin as James Joyce did, from a desk in Paris. Willa Cather wrote her prairie novels in New York City; Mark Twain wrote Huckleberry Finn in Hartford, Connecticut. Recently, scholars learned that Walt Whitman rarely left his room.
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