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... The Diktatorat were the ruling council of East Meg One, a Sov-Blok city in the Judge Dredd universe ... the Sov-Judge behind the development of the energy shield which protected East Meg One from counterattack by Mega City T.A.D.S (Total Annihilation Devices) ... Eventually they were assassinated in a coup enacted by War Marshal Kazan, the commander of the East Meg front line troops ...
Mega-City Two
... to intervene in the Apocalypse War between its sister city and East-Meg One ... This was because they could not attack East Meg One when it was protected by its force field, and they would be destroyed by a counter strike ... Squad Locations Academy of Law Brit-Cit Ciudad Barranquilla Cursed Earth East Meg One Grand Hall of Justice Hondo City Mega-City One Mega-City Two Megacities in Judge Dredd ...
Mega-City One - History
... in an attempt to contain the populace of the East Coast states. 2103 The Sov block of East-Meg One, using robotic pirate Captain Skank as a proxy, secretly seize control of Mega-City One nuclear weapons and launch an attack on the city, destroying several sectors ... With the Judges tied up with the Block Mania, the Sov Judges of East-Meg One launch the Apocalypse War ...
Major Judge Dredd Storylines
... story introduced Luna One and Judges from East-Meg One and Texas City.) The Cursed Earth (progs 61–85) Dredd, accompanied by punk biker Spikes Harvey Rotten (and later the alien Tweak), leads a ... by the effects of Block Mania, Mega-City One is attacked and invaded by the forces of East-Meg One ... Judges fight a guerilla war, eventually culminating in the destruction of East-Meg One when Dredd captures a Soviet missile bunker ...
East Meg One
... East-Meg One is a fictional city in the world of Judge Dredd, the figurehead character of British weekly comic 2000 AD (comic) ... Its sister city is East-Meg Two, first named in prog 270 the two have separate governments but were allied, and it was implied there were other Soviet megacities (they never appeared) ... East-Meg One was intended to represent the remnants of the Soviet Union, and was centered on what had originally been Moscow ...

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