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Major Judge Dredd Storylines
... This story introduced Luna One and Judges from East-Meg One and Texas City.) The Cursed Earth (progs 61–85) Dredd, accompanied by punk biker Spikes Harvey Rotten (a ... Block Mania, Mega-City One is attacked and invaded by the forces of East-Meg One ... Instead, the Judges fight a guerilla war, eventually culminating in the destruction of East-Meg One when Dredd captures a Soviet missile bunker ...
... The Diktatorat were the ruling council of East Meg One, a Sov-Blok city in the Judge Dredd universe ... One, Judge Snekov was the Sov-Judge behind the development of the energy shield which protected East Meg One from counterattack by Mega City T.A.D.S (Total Annihilation Devices) ... War Marshal Kazan, the commander of the East Meg front line troops ...
Mega-City Two
... in the Apocalypse War between its sister city and East-Meg One ... This was because they could not attack East Meg One when it was protected by its force field, and they would be destroyed by a counter strike ... Academy of Law Brit-Cit Ciudad Barranquilla Cursed Earth East Meg One Grand Hall of Justice Hondo City Mega-City One Mega-City Two Megacities in Judge Dredd Pan-Africa Statue of ...
East Meg One
... East-Meg One is a fictional city in the world of Judge Dredd, the figurehead character of British weekly comic 2000 AD (comic) ... Its sister city is East-Meg Two, first named in prog 270 the two have separate governments but were allied, and it was implied there were other Soviet ... East-Meg One was intended to represent the remnants of the Soviet Union, and was centered on what had originally been Moscow ...
Mega-City One - History
... in an attempt to contain the populace of the East Coast states. 2103 The Sov block of East-Meg One, using robotic pirate Captain Skank as a proxy, secretly seize control of Mega-City One nuclear weapons and launch an attack on the city, destroying several sectors after being ... With the Judges tied up with the Block Mania, the Sov Judges of East-Meg One launch the Apocalypse War ...

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    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    A puff of wind, a puff faint and tepid and laden with strange odours of blossoms, of aromatic wood, comes out the still night—the first sigh of the East on my face. That I can never forget. It was impalpable and enslaving, like a charm, like a whispered promise of mysterious delight.... The mysterious East faced me, perfumed like a flower, silent like death, dark like a grave.
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