Earth 2

Earth 2 may refer to:

  • Earth 2 (TV series), a science fiction TV series that aired in 1994–1995
  • Earth II (TV pilot), a science fiction TV pilot that aired in 1971
  • Earth 2 (album), an album by doom metal band Earth
  • one of several realms in the fictional universe of DC Comics:
  • Earth-Two, a parallel world in the DC Multiverse; the home of DC's Golden Age heroes
  • JLA: Earth 2, a graphic novel about another alternate earth in the DC Universe

Famous quotes containing the word earth:

    If from the earth we came, it was an earth
    That bore us as a part of all the things
    It breeds and that was lewder than it is.
    Our nature is her nature. Hence it comes,
    Since by our nature we grow old, earth grows
    The same. We parallel the mother’s death.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)