Earl Warren College

Earl Warren College is one of the six undergraduate colleges at the University of California at San Diego and is named after the three term California Governor and former Chief Justice of the United States Earl Warren. Warren College emphasizes the importance of living a balanced life. Founded in 1974, Warren College seeks to create academically balanced scholars. By sorting all courses into three disciplines, math/physical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, Warren College allows students to pursue a major of their choice in any discipline while requiring the completion of two Programs of Concentration (PofCs), each composed of six, 4-unit courses, in the other two disciplines (e.g., a history major could take six classes in political science and six classes in biology as well). Student looking towards an Engineering, B.S. degree, however, are required to complete two Area Studies (A/S), each comprising three, 4-unit courses, and at least two of which must be upper-division. Similar to PofCs, Area Studies must be non-contiguous to the student's major and to each other. Warren College has GEs that are very easy to individualize, though the campus-wide writing requirement of two courses holds. While the number of classes required is no less than the other five colleges, one often has more freedom in choosing the classes.

Warren College is home to a large number of engineering students because its general education requirements are more lenient for students pursuing an undergraduate degree in engineering. Warren also has one of the largest student populations, with over 4,000 undergraduate students, comprising about one fifth of the university's population. In 2006, the college has added a new building dedicated to the study of Information Technology, called Calit2. Warren College's core writing course incorporates general college level writing for students over two quarters.

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