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Vehicle Registration Plates Of The United Kingdom, Crown Dependencies And Overseas Territories - Northern Ireland - Series Per DVA Licensing Local Office
... For each DVA licensing local office, the two-letter sequences are shown first, followed by the reversed two-letter sequences, then the three-letter sequences ... Ballymena DVA licensing offices (in original issuing sequence) IA DZ KZ RZ IA 1 to IA 9999 (Dec 1903 – Mar 1932) DZ 1 to DZ 9999 (Mar 1932 – Jan 1947) KZ 1 to KZ 9999 (Jan ... Armagh DVA licensing office (in original issuing sequence) IB LZ XZ IB 1 to IB 9999 (Dec 1903 – Aug 1947) LZ 1 to LZ 99993 (Jan 1947 – Nov 1957) XZ 1 to XZ 9999 (Nov 1957 – Apr 1962) ...

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