Dutch War

Dutch War may refer to:

  • The Dutch-Portuguese War, 1588–1661
  • Any of the four Anglo-Dutch Wars:
    • The First Anglo-Dutch War, 1652–1654
    • The Second Anglo-Dutch War, 1665–1667
    • The Third Anglo-Dutch War, 1672–1674
    • The Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, 1780–1784
  • The Franco-Dutch War, 1672–1678, of which the Third Anglo-Dutch War was a part.

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Jan Erasmus Reyning
... Jan Erasmus Reyning (1640–1697) was a Dutch pirate, privateer and naval officer ... He was taken prisoner during the Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665–1667), and later served as an engagé (servant) on a French plantation on the island of Hispaniola ... year, when Reyning learned that his home country, The Netherlands, was at war with England and France (in the Franco-Dutch War and the Third Anglo-Dutch War), he sailed to the Dutch ...
Willem Joseph Van Ghent - Life - Third Anglo-Dutch War
... After the second Dutch war Van Ghent was inactive as an admiral for three years ... In 1671 war again threatened with England ... That summer the Dutch confederate fleet was largely kept busy training in preparation for the conflict ...
Hieronymus Van Beverningh - Biography - Later Official Career
... in 1665 about an alliance during the Second Anglo-Dutch War and the peace negotiations with the Prince-Bishop of Münster in the same year ... In 1667 he led the Dutch delegation that negotiated the Treaty of Breda that ended that war with England ... In 1674 he led the Dutch delegation that negotiated the Treaty of Westminster (1674) that ended the Third Anglo-Dutch War ...
Engel De Ruyter - Biography
... In 1666, during the Second Anglo-Dutch War, Engel was a midshipman in the Admiralty of Amsterdam ... During the Third Anglo-Dutch War he fought in the battle of Solebay as captain of the Deventer and was wounded in the chest by a splinter ... winter of 1672/73 he also commanded a company of "landmatrozen" on the Dutch Water Line as a major ...
James Scott, 1st Duke Of Monmouth - Biography - Officer and Commander
... his uncle the Duke of York in the Second Anglo-Dutch War ... At the outbreak of the Third Anglo-Dutch War in 1672, a brigade of 6,000 British troops was sent to serve as part of the French army (in return for money paid to King Charles), with ... Monmouth was commander of the Anglo-Dutch brigade, now fighting for the United Provinces against the French and he distinguished himself at the Battle of St Denis in ...

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