Dutch Ministries

The most influential part of the executive of the Dutch government are the ministries. There are eleven ministries of the Netherlands, all with their own minister, there are also several Ministers without portfolio and about as many State secretaries. The ministries are:

  • Ministry of General Affairs
    • Netherlands Government Information Service
    • Scientific Council for Government Policy
  • Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
    • National Police Services Agency
    • Dutch Safety Board
    • Immigration and Naturalisation Service
    • General Intelligence and Security Service
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Center for the Promotion of Imports
  • Ministry of Finance
    • Tax and Customs Administration
    • FIOD-ECD
  • Ministry of Security and Justice
    • Netherlands Forensic Institute
    • Public Prosecution Service
    • Custodial Institutions Agency
    • NCTb
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation
    • Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
    • Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis
    • Netherlands Space Office
    • Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority
    • Department of Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards
    • Netherlands Competition Authority
  • Ministry of Defence
    • Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service
    • Royal Netherlands Army
    • Royal Netherlands Air Force
    • Royal Netherlands Navy
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
    • Netherlands Public Broadcasting
    • National archive
    • National library of the Netherlands
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
    • Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
    • Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
    • Rijkswaterstaat
  • Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
    • Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
Government of the Netherlands
Structure and process
Government Monarch and the Ministers, including Ministers without Portfolio
Council of Ministers Ministers, including Ministers without Portfolio, chaired by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and one or more Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Cabinet (list) Ministers, including Ministers without Portfolio and State Secretaries
  • 2003
  • 2006/2007
  • 2010
  • 2012
  • Demissionary cabinet
  • Dutch cabinet formation
Current ministries
  • General Affairs
  • Interior and Kingdom Relations
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Finance
  • Security and Justice
  • Economic Affairs
  • Defence
  • Education, Culture and Science
  • Infrastructure and the Environment
  • Health, Welfare and Sport
  • Social Affairs and Employment
  • Schimmelpenninck
  • De Kempenaer-Donker Curtius
  • Thorbecke I
  • Van Hall-Donker Curtius
  • Van der Brugghen
  • Rochussen
  • Van Hall-Van Heemstra
  • Van Zuylen van Nijevelt-Van Heemstra
  • Thorbecke II
  • Fransen van de Putte
  • Van Zuylen van Nijevelt
  • Van Bosse-Fock
  • Thorbecke III
  • De Vries-Fransen van de Putte
  • Heemskerk-Van Lynden van Sandenburg
  • Kappeyne van de Coppello
  • Van Lynden van Sandenburg
  • Heemskerk Azn.
  • Mackay
  • Van Tienhoven
  • Röell
  • Pierson
  • Kuyper
  • De Meester
  • Heemskerk
  • Cort van der Linden
  • Ruijs de Beerenbrouck I
  • Ruijs de Beerenbrouck II
  • Colijn I
  • De Geer I
  • Ruijs de Beerenbrouck III
  • Colijn II
  • Colijn III
  • Colijn IV
  • Colijn V
  • De Geer II
  • Gerbrandy I
  • Gerbrandy II
  • Gerbrandy III
  • Schermerhorn-Drees
  • Beel I
  • Drees-Van Schaik
  • Drees I
  • Drees II
  • Drees III
  • Beel II
  • De Quay
  • Marijnen
  • Cals
  • Zijlstra
  • De Jong
  • Biesheuvel I
  • Biesheuvel II
  • Den Uyl
  • Van Agt I
  • Van Agt II
  • Van Agt III
  • Lubbers I
  • Lubbers II
  • Lubbers III
  • Kok I
  • Kok II
  • Balkenende I
  • Balkenende II
  • Balkenende III
  • Balkenende IV
  • Rutte I
  • Rutte II

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