Dutch Loaf

"Dutch Loaf" (Also called "Old Fashioned Loaf","Spiced Luncheon Loaf",and "Spiced Lunch Meat") is a luncheon meat made from coarse-ground lean Pork and Beef mixed or coated with savory spices, formed into a loaf shape and then smoked over a hardwood fire. It is a popular sandwich filler in America. Most major deli-meat companies make their own variation. It is known by different names in various parts of the country because different makers of it named it what they wished.

The name "Dutch Loaf" is probably derived from "Pennsylvania Dutch Meatloaf", a similar dish from rural Pennsylvania introduced by German immigrants. The name "Old Fashioned Loaf" was simply the result of a different meat producer's desire to brand their version with that name instead.

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    Bible: New Testament, Matthew 26:26,27.

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