Duke Zhuang of Zheng

Duke Zhuang of Zheng (Chinese: 鄭莊公; 757–701 BC) was the third ruler of the State of Zheng during the Spring and Autumn Period in ancient China. His ancestral name was Ji (姬), given name Wusheng (寤生), which means "difficult birth". In 743 BC, he became the duke of Zheng, and later defeated his brother Gongshu Duan, who had led a rebellion against him. Duke Zhuang led military campaigns in the name of the Zhou king against the Rong people and other Zhou states. He also had a rather Machiavellian attitude towards ruling his country.

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Duke Zhuang Of Zheng - Succession
... Hu was the heir and was created Duke Zhao of Zheng initially, but soon Duke Zhuang of Song interfered in the succession of Zheng and the minister of ... Duke Li was also forced to exile after a failed plot against Ji Zu out of his hatred of feeling controlled by the latter, and Duke Zhao was restored ... However, 3 years later, the vice minister, Gao Qumi, who had befriended Men and disliked Duke Zhao, committed an assassination and murdered Duke Zhao while Ji ...

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