Drop Kick

A drop kick is a type of kick in various codes of football. It involves a player dropping the ball and then kicking it when it bounces off the ground. It contrasts to a punt, wherein the player kicks the ball without letting it hit the ground first.

Drop kicks are most importantly used as a method of restarting play and scoring points in rugby union and rugby league. Association football goalkeepers also often return the ball to play with drop kicks. The kick was once in wide use in both Australian rules football and gridiron football, but is today rarely seen in either sport.

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Drop Kick - Gridiron Football - Arena Football
... In Arena football, a drop-kicked extra point counts for two points rather than one and a drop-kicked field goal counts for four points rather than three ...
Glossary Of Rugby Union Terms - D
... Drop goal A drop goal is scored when a player kicks the ball from hand through the opposition's goal, but the ball must touch the ground between being ... The team awarded a free kick cannot score a dropped goal until the ball next becomes dead, or until an opponent has played or touched it, or has tackled the ball carrier ... This restriction applies also to a scrum taken instead of a free kick ...
Drop Kick (rugby Union)
... A drop kick in rugby union is a type of kick that involves someone dropping a ball and then kicking when it hits the ground, in contrast to a punt wherein the dropper ... In rugby union, a drop kick is used for the kick-off and restarts and to score a field or drop goal ... Originally it was one of only two ways to score points, along with the place kick ...
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... Utilizing Earth energy, Guyferd deliver a crushing kick upside the head at blinding speed ... Natural energy, Guyferd repeatedly execute a drop kick attack on his opponent ... energy, Guyferd uses the air currents to deliver a flying drop kick against his opponents ...
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... Scoring – 6 points for TD, 2 points for run or pass conversion, or drop kick PAT, 1 point for place kick PAT, 2 points for defensive conversion following TD, 2 points for safety. 3 points for a field goal, 4 points for a drop kick field goal ... gain a first down or touchdown, or may attempt a field goal (by placement or drop kick) ...

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