Drive-By Truckers

Drive-By Truckers are an alternative country/Southern rock band based in Athens, Georgia, though two out of five current members (Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley) are originally from The Shoals region of Northern Alabama, and the band strongly identifies with Alabama. Their music uses three guitars as well as bass, drums, and now keyboards. Like many alternative country acts, the Drive-By Truckers record in analog (using 2 inch, 16-track open reel tape recorders). However, unlike the majority of their contemporaries, the Drive-By Truckers have consistently pushed their labels to also release the band's records in a vinyl format.

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Wes Freed - Drive-By Truckers
... that Allmusic called "alt-country at its finest." Freed first saw the Drive-by Truckers play at Atlanta's Bubbapalooza in 1996 and asked the them to play the Capital City Barn Dance, a monthly series ... The Truckers have remained friends with the Freeds since that time, often staying with them when they played shows in Richmond ... The Truckers unique sound and rowdy shows drew crowds and soon elevated them from struggling touring band to regular sellout ...