DRH may refer to:

  • David Russell Hall, a former building of the University of St Andrews in East Fife, Scotland
  • 'Delinquent Road Hazards' from the film Cars
  • Detroit Receiving Hospital
  • Douglas Richard Hofstadter, who used the pseudonym "D.R.H."
  • Durham Regional Hospital, located in northern Durham, North Carolina
  • Dabra Airport, Indonesia (ICAO code DRH)

Other articles related to "drh":

Bali Myna - Nusa Penida Island Bird Sanctuary
... of the threat from poachers was achieved by Drh I ... Foundation in Ubud, Bali, under expert supervision by Bali’s leading avian veterinarian, Drh I ... an invitation from FNPF's founder, Drh I ...
Tvind - Allegations of Organised Criminal Activity and Cult Status (all References in English)
... Now collectively known as the "DRH Movement" (Den Rejsende Højskole in Danish), these schools train volunteers for humanitarian work overseas ... Some former DRH Movement students say that even after paying a tuition of several thousand dollars, they were required to spend much of their time trying to raise yet more money by what some of ... Part of Tvind's "DRH Movement," this residential college advertises widely on the Internet as providing 'training' for young people wishing to volunteer in Africa ...
List of Some Tvind Schools - Den Rejsende Højskole (DRH) (The Travelling Folk High School)
... DRH Bustrup, Denmark DRH Holstead, Denmark DRH South, Sealand, Denmark College for International Co-operation and Development (CICD), Hull, England One World Institute, Norway ...
Detroit Receiving Hospital - History
... Detroit Receiving Hospital (DRH) was founded in 1915 as a city-owned hospital, dedicated to caring for everyone, regardless of ability to pay ... DRH was the first American College of Surgeons verified Level I Trauma Center in Michigan, and one of the first in the nation ... critically ill patients, the majority of DRH patients arrive through the emergency department ...
SMS Hindenburg - Construction
... However, the gun turrets were Drh LC/1913 mounts, which were an improved version the Drh LC/1912 type mounts on Derfflinger and Lützow—the gun houses on Hindenburg allowed gun elevation to 16°, as opposed ... This gave the guns mounted in the Drh LC/1913 turrets an advantage of some 2,000 m (2,200 yd) over those in the older turret ...