Drawing Lots

  • (noun): Making a chance decision by using lots (straws or pebbles etc.) that are thrown or drawn.
    Synonyms: casting lots, sortition

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Teutonic Alphabet - History and Use - Magical or Divinatory Use
... what some believe to be the use of runes for divination, but Rimbert calls it "drawing lots" ... first brings a Danish fleet to Birka, but then changes his mind and asks the Danes to "draw lots" ... According to the story, this "drawing of lots" was quite informative, telling them that attacking Birka would bring bad luck and that they should attack a Slavic town instead ...

Famous quotes containing the words lots and/or drawing:

    Popular culture entered my life as Shirley Temple, who was exactly my age and wrote a letter in the newspapers telling how her mother fixed spinach for her, with lots of butter.... I was impressed by Shirley Temple as a little girl my age who had power: she could write a piece for the newspapers and have it printed in her own handwriting.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)

    The UN is not just a product of do-gooders. It is harshly real. The day will come when men will see the UN and what it means clearly. Everything will be all right—you know when? When people, just people, stop thinking of the United Nations as a weird Picasso abstraction, and see it as a drawing they made themselves.
    Dag Hammarskjöld (1905–1961)