Dragostea Din Tei

"Dragostea din tei" (, English: Love from the Linden Trees (Tilia)), also informally known as "Numa Numa" or "Mai Ya hee" (see lyrics), is the most successful single by the Moldovan pop group O-Zone, sung in Romanian. It shot to the number one spot on the Eurochart Hot 100, where it remained for 12 weeks between June and early September 2004. It topped the single charts in Germany and France for over three months, reached three in the United Kingdom and 72 on the U.S. Pop 100. A popular cover of the song was made by Romanian pop singer Haiducii, which also charted in many countries, especially Italy and Sweden where it topped the singles charts. The original song was made notable in the United States by the viral video of Gary Brolsma dancing to the song, calling it "Numa Numa". In 2008, the song's hook was sampled by T.I. / Rihanna in their hit "Live Your Life", which topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and reached number two in the United Kingdom.

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