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Protests Against The Vietnam War - Protests - 1965
... a black coffin marched to the Berkeley, California, draft board, and 40 men burned their draft cards ... The Berkeley draft board was visited again, with 19 men burning their cards ... A man from the Catholic Worker Movement is photographed burning his draft card on Whitehall Street in Manhattan in front of the Armed Forces Induction Center ...
John Lazia - Early Years
... According to his draft card for World War I, Lazia (spelled Lazio on the card, in the 1910 census, and on his tombstone) was born in New York in 1895 ... Lazia, on his draft card, claimed to be the supporter of his mother and father and to have some additional difficulties ... (Draft card illegible.) ...

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    Taking into consideration all your loveliness
    why can’t you burn your bootsoles and your
    draft card? How can you sit there saying yes
    to war?
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)