Double Decker

A double-decker is a vehicle that has two levels for passengers or cargo, one deck above the other. Such vehicles include:

  • Aerial tramway
  • Bilevel rail car
  • Bombardier BiLevel Coach
  • Bombardier MultiLevel Coach
  • Dome car
  • Double-deck aircraft
  • Double-deck elevator
  • Double-decker bus
  • Double-decker tram
  • Superliner (railcar)
  • Auto carrier trailer for transporting automobiles
  • Two-decker is a sailing ship with 2 decks armed with cannon.

A double-decker may also refer to:

  • Double Decker (chocolate bar)
  • Double-decker sandwich, such as a club sandwich or Dagwood sandwich, with two layers of meat and condiments sandwiched between three pieces of bread.
  • Double-decker, a series consisting of two books.
  • A multi-level roadway such as those found in Chicago.
  • A multi-level bridge
  • A double-decker outhouse
  • Double Decker (film), a 2011 Kannada-language film.
  • Double Decker (1984) a film featuring Kara Hui.

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Charles H. Roe - History - Charles H Roe (1923) Ltd - The Mixed Economy
... The original outline of the body for rear-engined double deckers was widely considered unsatisfactory and Sunderland Corporation took a heavily revised version on Daimler Fleetline from 1962-6 featuring a ... Yarmouth Corporation instead specified double curvature windscreens of Alexander design on its Atlanteans (including a unique short-wheelbase batch in 1967) and on the last three ... at Roe who also optionally fitted the Alexander style double-curvature upper-deck front window on rear engined chassis, curving the line of the foremost upper deck side windows ...
Midland Red - Bus Manufacture
... Codes later used for buses were FEDD (Front Entrance Double Decker), REDD (Rear Entrance Double Decker), Coaches were initially classified "ONC", but later used a prefix of "C" - or "CM" for Motorway coaches ... Single Decker models were numbered from S1 through S23, Double Decker models D1 through D10 ... The D10 was, in some opinions, the pinnacle of BMMO bus design - a double decker with front entrance/rear exit and an underfloor engine ...
Culture and Sightseeing - Buildings - Idar-Oberstein (main Centre)
... Renaissance Revival motifs, third fourth of the 19th century Hauptstraße 337/339 – three-floor double house with mansard roofs, 1910/1911, architect Johannes Ranly ... Revival motifs, about 1877 Hoher Weg 1/3 – double house, three-floor building with mansard roof on a retaining wall, 1912, architect Johannes Ranly characterizes town’s appearance Kasinostraße 7 ...
Articulated Buses In London - Background
... are capable of loading and off-loading many more passengers in less time than conventional double decker buses and Routemasters ... to 9.1 metres or 30 feet for a Routemaster and 10 metres or 33 feet for a double decker), although in terms of road surface used per passenger, there is little difference between double decker buses (wh ...
Scania Omni City - Double Decker
... In 2005 Scania announced the introduction of the OmniCity double decker in order to complement its OmniDekka citybus sold in the UK ... The early double-deck OmniCity uses the N94UD chassis, the same as the OmniDekka ... In June 2008, Brighton Hove ordered 13 Scania OmniCity double deckers ...

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    I’ve always got such high expectations for myself. I’m aware of them, but I can’t relax them.
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