Double Decker

A double-decker is a vehicle that has two levels for passengers or cargo, one deck above the other. Such vehicles include:

  • Aerial tramway
  • Bilevel rail car
  • Bombardier BiLevel Coach
  • Bombardier MultiLevel Coach
  • Dome car
  • Double-deck aircraft
  • Double-deck elevator
  • Double-decker bus
  • Double-decker tram
  • Superliner (railcar)
  • Auto carrier trailer for transporting automobiles
  • Two-decker is a sailing ship with 2 decks armed with cannon.

A double-decker may also refer to:

  • Double Decker (chocolate bar)
  • Double-decker sandwich, such as a club sandwich or Dagwood sandwich, with two layers of meat and condiments sandwiched between three pieces of bread.
  • Double-decker, a series consisting of two books.
  • A multi-level roadway such as those found in Chicago.
  • A multi-level bridge
  • A double-decker outhouse
  • Double Decker (film), a 2011 Kannada-language film.
  • Double Decker (1984) a film featuring Kara Hui.

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Scania Omni City - Double Decker
... announced the introduction of the OmniCity double decker in order to complement its OmniDekka citybus sold in the UK ... The early double-deck OmniCity uses the N94UD chassis, the same as the OmniDekka ... In June 2008, Brighton Hove ordered 13 Scania OmniCity double deckers ...
Midland Red - Bus Manufacture
... later used for buses were FEDD (Front Entrance Double Decker), REDD (Rear Entrance Double Decker), Coaches were initially classified "ONC", but later used a prefix of "C" - or "CM" for ... Single Decker models were numbered from S1 through S23, Double Decker models D1 through D10 ... The D10 was, in some opinions, the pinnacle of BMMO bus design - a double decker with front entrance/rear exit and an underfloor engine ...
Articulated Buses In London - Background
... and off-loading many more passengers in less time than conventional double decker buses and Routemasters ... to 9.1 metres or 30 feet for a Routemaster and 10 metres or 33 feet for a double decker), although in terms of road surface used per passenger, there is little difference between double decker buses ...
Culture and Sightseeing - Buildings - Idar-Oberstein (main Centre)
... fourth of the 19th century Hauptstraße 337/339 – three-floor double house with mansard roofs, 1910/1911, architect Johannes Ranly, Oberstein Hauptstraße 338 – former Imperial post office, so-called ... house, Renaissance Revival motifs, about 1877 Hoher Weg 1/3 – double house, three-floor building with mansard roof on a retaining wall, 1912, architect Johannes Ranly ...
Charles H. Roe - History - Charles H Roe (1923) Ltd - The Mixed Economy
... The original outline of the body for rear-engined double deckers was widely considered unsatisfactory and Sunderland Corporation took a heavily revised version on Daimler Fleetline from 1962-6 ... Great Yarmouth Corporation instead specified double curvature windscreens of Alexander design on its Atlanteans (including a unique short-wheelbase batch in 1967) and on the last ... option at Roe who also optionally fitted the Alexander style double-curvature upper-deck front window on rear engined chassis, curving the line of the foremost upper deck side windows down to meet this ...

Famous quotes containing the words decker and/or double:

    I’ve always got such high expectations for myself. I’m aware of them, but I can’t relax them.
    —Mary Decker Slaney (b. 1958)

    The Cossack eats Poland,
    Like stolen fruit;
    Her last noble is ruined,
    Her last poet mute:
    Straight, into double band
    The victors divide;
    Half for freedom strike and stand;—
    The astonished Muse finds thousands at her side.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)