Double Axe Handle

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WrestleMania V - Event
... Rockers hit Akeem with Double Flying Fists and Michaels tried a near-fall on Akeem ... They hit Akeem with a double dropkick and they hit Bossman with a double missile dropkick ... Rougeaus double-teamed Luke for a while as the referee was busy with Butch ...
Frog Splash - Diving Double Axe Handle
... Also known as a diving axe handle, diving double axe handle smash or diving double sledge, this is accomplished by jumping from the top turnbuckle to the mat or floor and striking the opponent with two ... A common variation of the diving double axe handle sees the wrestler standing over the top rope, facing away from the ring (facing the fans) ... inside of the ring), and quickly holding both fists together, striking the double axe handle ...
Axbomber - Double Axe Handle
... Also known as a Double Sledge, Polish Hammer or Double Axe Hammer, this attack sees the wrestler clutches both hands together and swing them at an opponent, hitting any part of them—usually ... seen when people swing a sledgehammer or axe ...

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    I believe that if we are to survive as a planet, we must teach this next generation to handle their own conflicts assertively and nonviolently. If in their early years our children learn to listen to all sides of the story, use their heads and then their mouths, and come up with a plan and share, then, when they become our leaders, and some of them will, they will have the tools to handle global problems and conflict.
    Barbara Coloroso (20th century)

    The Cossack eats Poland,
    Like stolen fruit;
    Her last noble is ruined,
    Her last poet mute:
    Straight, into double band
    The victors divide;
    Half for freedom strike and stand;—
    The astonished Muse finds thousands at her side.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    If the axe is not sharp, it doesn’t matter how hard the wood is.
    Chinese proverb.